Polished Concrete Floors in London

Visibly Stunning Results… Or Your Money Back!

Thanks to our happy customers, we’re now the most highly rated concrete polishing company in London on Google!

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Polished Concrete Floors in London

Visibly Stunning Results… Or Your Money Back

Thanks to our happy customers, we’re now the most highly rated concrete polishing company in London on Google!

Google Rating
Based on 38 reviews


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100% Money Back Guarantee on Concrete Polishing

As part of our commitment to service quality and customer satisfaction, we promise you the most outstanding service experience you have ever had. All our work is backed by our 100% Money Back Guarantee. If you’re not happy with the end result and we can’t put things right, we’ll refund every penny.

Professional Concrete Polishing in London

London’s most trusted experts in polished concrete floors

Polished concrete floors offer immense opportunities as far as design, colour and finishes go. This makes them a particularly desired flooring choice for private residences, commercial buildings and industrial settings alike. However, polishing concrete floors properly isn’t a straight forward process, so choosing the right concrete polishing company is important.

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Here at Cleaning Bros, you can rest assured that our technicians are extensively trained, fully qualified and highly experienced. We offer complete concrete polishing and restoration in London and throughout the UK to both domestic and commercial customers.

Why choose Cleaning Bros as your concrete polishing company?

At Cleaning Bros, we have the skill set and experience required to polish concrete floors professionally. We’re in possession of state of art concrete floor polishing and restoration equipment that ensures the smoothest floor finish, achieved in the shortest possible timeframe.

All of our tools and machinery are provided by Klindex, the world’s leading manufacturer of concrete restoration and polishing equipment. Other brands are also available on the market, but with years of experience providing concrete polishing in London areas, that only Klindex’s machinery gives consistently excellent results and reliability that are so vital for us as a Polished Concrete Flooring Contractor.

Various Concrete Finishes & Colours Available

Concrete has a distinctive characteristic compared to marble and other various stones used for floor coverings. Whilst with stone one can only work with what they have, with concrete, various finishes and colour schemes are achievable. This gives the opportunity to create a truly unique floor that no one else has.

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3 different styles:

  • Polished cream – where only the “fat” on top is polished with aggregates being deep below; this is only achievable with power floated concrete.
  • Salt and Pepper – where the aggregates get only partly exposed and polished to the desired level of shine.
  • Full aggregate exposure – where the concrete is ground down to fully expose the aggregates and then polished to a desired finish.

All of the above options are available with different level of shine, depending on customer’s preference: high shine, semi-sheen or honed finish.

Diamond Concrete Polishing. How is concrete polished?

The concrete polishing process consists of a few steps: area preparation, grinding, honing, densifying, polishing and sealing. Different colours are also available which contributes to the originality of your floor.

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The polishing process uses a series of diamond abrasives fitted to a floor grinding machine and starts with a very coarse grit, usually about 30 at the grinding stage, and finishing with 800 or 1500 grit at the polishing stage. Each following grit creates finer scratches in the concrete removing the scratches left from the previous grit. The process continues until the scratches are microscopic resulting in the floor developing some reflectivity.

The Important Bit

Before it can even be polished, concrete needs to be ground flat, especially so for new installations. It is critically important to get the grinding bit right if a stunning result is to be produced. The concrete floor grinding process uses an industrial floor grinding machines with fitted diamond blocks and typically starts with 30 grit.

The diamonds create scratch patterns in the concrete, smoothing and evening out the surface. Why is the grinding so critical? If the floor isn’t made perfectly flat, this results in a wavy appearance which is only revealed at the polishing stage.

What this means is, to correct the waviness, the concrete polishing process has to start all over again with grinding. This leads to excessive materials and unplanned labour costs as well as broken deadlines to name but a few.

What makes polished concrete floors an attractive option?

Whilst it could be argued that there are many hard floor types more aesthetically pleasing than concrete, it can’t be denied that professionally polished concrete flooring has many benefits, including:

  • Extremely eco-friendly floorings available.
  • Highly wear resistant & durable
  • Low maintenance
  • Slip resistant
  • Neutral in appearance

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