Anti-stain products such as Scotchguard are said to block stains and spillages from fabrics and surfaces.

Reading around the subject you’d be forgiving for thinking products like this can work miracles. Whilst they can’t do the impossible, in some cases they can offer impressive safeguards against everyday wear and tear. In this post we’ll take a look at Scotchguard and ask what it is, and if it’s up to the task.

Protectors are designed to bond to the fibres they’re applied to. This means they will not form a hard coat or crust of any kind on the surface of fabrics. The particles in the treatments are small enough that they can coat the carpet, upholstery or even clothes and still leave them feeling soft to the touch. In this sense such treatments are very appealing, since they can be considered largely invisible.

Of course protection would be useless if it took away from the intended purpose of the fabric it is applied to. You wouldn’t want it to turn your beautiful curtains to immovable concrete. This is, in some sense, a compromise. Whilst the protection offered is real, there are limits to allow for general use of the fabrics Scotchguard is applied to. This shouldn’t really be a cause for concern though, just remember that nothing can protect fabrics from absolutely everything and no treatments will last forever.

Scotchguard cannot perform miracles, but that doesn’t mean they’re no good! The idea is that they create a thin barrier than breaks down before the fabric underneath it can take damage. Breakdown of the protection from regular day-to-day use is normal and is essentially how the protection works. Applied properly, Scotchguard will dramatically improve your chances of staying safe from juice, wine and the vast majority of common household liquids. We can’t guarantee it will stop all stains, but it certainly reduces the risk of little accidents becoming permanent damage.

Are there any factors that can weaken the effectiveness of Scotchguard? Yes, there are some. Just because you’ve applied Scotchguard to your fabrics doesn’t mean you can get away with making an awful mess. Spillages and marks will need to be cleaned up promptly, but so long as they’re dealt with they’re much less likely to leave a mark than if no protection was used. If spillages are particularly hot, from cooked food for example, they can breakdown the protection quicker than cold spillages, so always make sure you take action as soon as possible. Consider topping up your protection after you’ve cleaned up the spillage too!

Scotchguard should be professionally applied, if not you run the risk of not being properly protected or of changing the texture of the carpet. If it’s applied correctly however, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how effective it can be in keeping your fabrics at their best. If you’re interested in Scotchguard or other stain prevention treatments then get in touch for a chat, we’d love to see how we can help you.

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