Christmas is coming!

Time to dig the decorations out of the attic and get the festive lights up. Of course, you’ll want to make sure the house is looking spick and span before any guests turn up. Christmas is the most popular time of year for a professional carpet clean, with many guests visiting over the festive period it’s nice to know everything is looking its best.

With all the wind and rain that sadly accompanies the onset of winter in the UK it’s no surprise carpets can start to look a little worse for wear by the time Christmas comes around. Without the summer sun beaming in through the windows it can get a bit hard to spot where the problems are coming from. If that wasn’t enough, things seem to take forever to dry out once the weather gets a bit a cooler.

If this all sounds a bit much maybe it’s worth getting a bit of carpet cleaning help from the professionals.

With the help of Cleaning Bros, your carpets will be looking good as new in no time, leaving your Christmas home more cosy and impressing your guests. With our powerful equipment your carpets will dry out quickly, even in the cool weather. Just remember to book early to avoid disappointment!

In the meantime, here’s our top 3 tips for keeping your carpets fresh this Christmas!

Ask guests to take their dirty boots off.

No-one wants dirt, leaves and rainwater trampled all over the place. When your guests arrive, politely ask them to take their shoes off. If you really want to go the extra mile, have a few pairs of slippers on offer, who doesn’t love a cosy pair of slippers?

Get some festive door mats.

A clever way to bring a bit of Christmas cheer to your house and keep the carpets looking great at the same time. A decent size matt at all entrances means far less winter weather will find its way into your house and onto your carpets.

Don’t forget to hoover.

Yes, there are never enough hours in the day to dust and hoover. The thing is, a few minutes spent here and there a couple of times a week will leave your carpets looking great for months. The trick is, don’t let it all build up so that by the time Christmas comes around there’s tons and tons to do!

The biggest secret of all though, is to get Cleaning Bros on the case! With Cleaning Bros it doesn’t matter how long you’ve left it, we’ve got the equipment and the experience to bring your carpets back to their best. So, for carpets that’ll impress your guests this winter, why not give us a call?

Find out more about our carpet cleaning services here.

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