We all hope to be outside enjoying the sunshine at this time of year, but even though you tend spend less time in your home over the holidays, your carpets can still take a beating from the increased foot traffic coming in and out of the house.

We’ve put together some useful tips to help you to keep your carpets clean and maintain a safe, healthy environment for you and your family.

Shoes off!

This isn’t the norm in every household but it should be from a carpet cleaning perspective! If you leave your shoes on when you come into the house you’re just dragging in dirt, bacteria and allergens like pollen in from the outside and then working them into the carpet under foot. If you do suffer from allergies like hay fever and they don’t improve at all when you are indoors it’s probably because pollen has been brought in to your home and trodden into the carpets.


These are a good idea inside the porch area of your home where people are likely to leave their shoes. This doesn’t just help with the previous point about foreign bodies getting worked into your carpets, but it will also prevent wear and tear to specific parts of your carpet that are likely to experience a high amount of foot traffic.

Regular Vacuuming

With more stuff that you don’t want in your house being brought in from outside at this time of year, particularly if you have pets or young children, regular vacuuming is important. It even helps to prevent excessive wear and tear because the unwanted particles on dirty carpets cause them to fray more easily.

Hire a professional

Carpet manufacturers recommend that you have your carpets cleaned with the Hot Water Extraction (HWE) once a year, and at Cleaning Bros we have invested in a powerful truck-mounted system that will clean deep into the pile, removing the dirt, bacteria and allergens that build up and can’t be reached even with regular vacuum cleaning. Although this will cost money in the short term, in the long term an annual carpet clean will protect the investment you made in your carpets- they will last for many years and you won’t have to shell out for an expensive replacement sooner than you expected.

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