Removing pet urine stains and odour is one of the big challenges of every carpet cleaner. There are number of reasons for this:

  1. Pet urine stains textiles, sometimes causing permanent stain depending on the age of the stain and type of carpet.
  2. It gives very unpleasant odour that affects not only the item being urinated on, but the entire room / area it resides in.
  3. Urine penetrates carpets even if they have been scotchguarded and makes its way through the underlay and into the sub-floor. This makes it very difficult to tackle successfully…well it used to!

With the help of the Water Claw extraction tool (featured in the photos below) the task of neutralising the urine and completely extracting it out of the carpet is now a child’s play.

Water claw in action

water-claw-urine-cleaning-tool-essex1               water-claw-urine-cleaning-tool-romford1


At Cleaning Bros we use specifically formulated cleaning liquids to eradicate urine odour like a breeze. The Pre-Enzyme Solution, being acidic, neutralises the ammonia contained in urine whilst the enzymes digest the proteins so killing two birds with one stone, so to speak. And all that with the benefit of a nice pleasant aroma left in the room!

If your cats or dogs have been going to the toilet on your carpets and you are desperate to get your living room back to normal living order just give us a bell on 01708 701 973. Cleaning Bros will be happy to help.

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