Our top carpet cleaning tips for how you can keep your carpets looking great, and lasting as long as possible.

Blot don’t scrub

We’ve all been there, one minute it’s in a glass or on a plate, the next it’s all over the carpet. Don’t panic and don’t scrub! Cover the affected area in a dry towel and push down on it. When the towel becomes saturated, replace it with a dry one and repeat. If you scrub you risk spreading it further or even pushing it deeper into the fibres. The key is to absorb as much as possible.

Don’t bleach, no matter what they say

We’d never recommend using bleach, or any bleach-like chemicals even if you’ve bought them from a shop and it’s come recommended. There are so many different varieties and blends of fabric out there than it’s essential you check the manufacturer’s’ advice. If you can find any labels or information from the manufacturer, get professional help! It’ll never be more expensive than replacing the full carpet, which could be the only option if it becomes marked by bleach.

Remember, stain remover is bleach

It might not literally be bleach, but you should avoid it as if it is. There is no one chemical out there that is appropriate for every surface so again, if in doubt check the manufacturer’s recommendation and if still in doubt seek professional help. We’ve worked on hundreds of carpets and always get good results.

Don’t neglect the hoovering!

Although it might not look dirty, over time that dust will become ground into the pile of the carpet. This can make it much harder to remove and will dull the appearance of the material. The more often you hoover, the fresher your carpets will stay. If things have gotten really bad don’t worry, professional equipment such as steam cleaners can revitalise the pile and get it looking good as new. A couple of times a year a good steam clean will restore than new carpet feeling and regular hoovering will keep it look beautiful.

Use a fabric protector

This is not the same as a stain remover so don’t worry. Always consult the manufacturer’s guidelines, but generally speaking fabric protection chemicals can work wonders at defending from everyday minor spillages. We’d always recommend using them to keep your fabrics looking their best.

Call a professional

Ultimately, to give your carpet a proper clean, the best thing to do is call an experienced professional. Our powerful equipment, and years of experience mean we can get outstanding results which can have a huge impact on your home. Get in touch for friendly advice on how we can help you today.

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