Marmoleum Floor Cleaning & Restoration in London

Visibly Stunning Results… Or Your Money Back!

Thanks to our happy customers, we’re now the most highly rated Marmoleum floor cleaning company in London on Google!

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Marmoleum Floor Cleaning & Restoration in London

Visibly Stunning Results… Or Your Money Back

Thanks to our happy customers, we’re now the most highly rated Marmoleum floor cleaning company in London on Google!

Google Rating
Based on 38 reviews


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Marmoleum Floor Cleaning in London

100% Money Back Guarantee on Marloleum Floor Cleaning & Restoration

If you’re looking for a highly trained and locally trusted floor care company that offers Marmoleum floor cleaning in London Areas, Cleaning Bros are the team for the job. From monthly cleans through to full Marmoleum restoration, we can offer a customised package to fit around your needs.

At Cleaning Bros, we have developed a comprehensive cleaning and restoration system that will breathe a new lease of life into your Marmoleum floors. Marmoleum is a natural flooring material derived from limestone, tree rosin, wood flour & jute mixed together with linseed oil.

It offers great benefits to home and business owners; it’s eco-friendly and doesn’t give off any nasty VOC gases because of the natural ingredients used. It gives more warmth to a room than tile or stone floors. Marmoleum is also fully bio-degradable.

As we’re accredited by The Approved Carpet Cleaning Association, SafeContractor, The NCCA and Check-a-Trade, you can rest assured that when you choose Cleaning Bros as your Marmoleum floor cleaning company, you’re going to be provided with a first class service from a reputable and professional company. And, most importantly, you’re going to see great results.

In order to keep enjoying the benefits of your Marmoleum flooring, regular professional cleaning and attention are needed. Cleaning Bros can design a maintenance program to fit around your needs.

Benefits of our Marmoleum maintenance program:

• Helping extend the lifespan of your floors.
• Keeping them looking stunning all year round.
• Most importantly, helping keep them hygienic.

Why choose us?

• We have invested in the latest machinery & cleaning tools for superior results.
• We only use the finest & safest Marmoleum cleaning products.
• Fully trained to the highest industry standard (training certificates here).
• Fully insured for your peace of mind (our insurance certificate here).
• Family run business with a focus on customer satisfaction.
• 100% money back guarantee.

Marmoleum floor cleaning & maintenance tips:

• Never use household products as they are very likely to cause irreversible yellowing on your Marmoleum floors.
• Dust mop frequently to remove dry soils and particles; this will prevent scratches and general dulling. Talk to us about our excellent dust mop system that we have available for purchase.
• Use a flat microfiber mop for damp mopping, not the traditional cotton string mop that leaves streaks.
• Always use PH neutral Marmoleum floor cleaning products. Talk to us about our excellent neutral floor cleaner that we have available for purchase.

Marmoleum care options:

  1. Post installation light clean and application of Marmoleum floor finish.
  2. Periodic Marmoleum cleaning and finish top up.
  3. Full Marmoleum restoration service consisting of stripping your floor back, deep clean, application of specialist sealer followed by number of applications of specialist floor finish and finally, a top coat for the WOW EFFECT!
  4. Marmoleum floor burnishing.

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If you’re looking for a trusted team that provides Marmoleum floor cleaning in Essex & London areas, call us today for free advice call Cleaning Bros now on 01708 701 973! We also offer cleaning and restoration of other hard floor types including slate floor cleaning, and tile cleaning services.

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Areas we cover include:

Brentwood, Chigwell, Havering, Hornchurch, Romford, Upminster and surrounding areas. To find out if we operate in your area, send us a message.

Our 11-step Marmoleum floor cleaning process:

  1. Masking up & floor protection – depending on the job at hand we may have to protect the surrounding areas with plastic sheeting. All adjacent floors, whether stone, carpet or hardwood, are protected with floor protective film. For this purpose we only use Stroll N Roll floor protective films as they are low tack and unlike some cheaper versions will not leave behind sticky residue.
  2. Dust mopping – your vinyl floor is dust mopped, not vacuumed, to remove any dust and small hard particles that can scratch the floor in the cleaning process if left behind. Vacuum cleaning can actually cause scratches to your floor.
  3. Spray cleaner – we then apply the floor cleaner using a pump up sprayer for even coverage. Unless we are conducting full restoration cleaning, we will only use a neutral floor cleaner that is gentle to your Marmoleum flooring and to the finish.
  4. Mechanical agitation – after some dwell time, needed for the cleaner to work, we agitate it into the floor with a specialist Marmoleum floor scrubbing machine, assisting in the breaking down of the soils. All the edges and small areas where the machine cannot reach are detailed by hand.
  5. Rinse – your floor is then rinsed out with a specialist cleaning solution to recover the slurry. It is very important to use the right rinsing agent to neutralise the floor prior to the sealer application. Otherwise the sealer / finish may not adhere to the floor properly.
  6. Touch up – we may have to go back and touch up some areas, especially so with flooring with deep grooves.
  7. Drying – we use powerful floor air movers to dry up the floor as quickly as possible ready for the sealer. With full restoration Marmoleum cleaning, the floor has to be left to dry overnight.
  8. Walk through – before any floor sealer goes down we will inspect the floor with you, our customer, to ensure your satisfaction with the achieved cleaning results.
  9. Marmoleum floor sealing – at this stage, the floor finish is applied. Cleaning Bros uses a unique floor sealer application system that doesn’t leave any streaks. The sealers and floor finishes we use have very low odours & dry quickly so we can return your home to its normal rhythm within one hour of the last coat.
  10. Rubbish removal – all protective sheets are safely removed off the kitchen units, walls and adjacent floors and taken away.
  11. Final walk through – finally, we will inspect the floor with you, our customer, to make sure that final results are to your satisfaction.

cleaning bros satisfaction guarantee

100% Money Back Guarantee on Marmoleum Floor Cleaning

As part of our commitment to service quality and customer satisfaction, we promise you the most outstanding service experience you have ever had. All our work is backed by our 100% Money Back Guarantee. If you’re not happy with the end result and we can’t put things right, we’ll refund every penny.

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