Bathrooms and kitchens are two of the hardest spaces in the home to keep clean. For this reason tiles are a popular choice in both of these places, were moisture and liquids have a habit of getting everywhere. Constant changes in temperature and moisture level can be a real challenge to manage, especially when you’re trying to stay on top of the rest of the chores as well. With the family to look after, the kitchen to keep clean, the washing to do and more, spending hours scrubbing away at the bathroom with an old toothbrush isn’t exactly appealing.

Still, it’s an important job, as those who live in colder parts of the country will testify. Without proper care bathrooms can quickly grow moldy. It can affect the walls, ceiling and floor too, but grout is often the surface which suffers the most. Usually this looks like small black spots, which quickly grow in number.

Grout tends to be affected badly because it has a porous structure. Water which splashes onto grout is easily absorbed into its surface. Once absorbed it sits there and, as the temperature of the room drops, creates the perfect environment for the growth of mold.

There are several advantages to hiring a professional to deal with this unpleasant problem. A professional will save you plenty of time and money in the long run. Some of our customers call us saying they’ve tried everything and just can’t get their grouting clean. After several hours scrubbing with no results they cannot see a way to make an improvement. In fact, all that time and money spend on products was a waste; at Cleaning Bros we’ve already invested in the best equipment and cleaning solutions available so you don’t have to.

Professional gear can clean much more effectively than off the shelf products, offering a deeper clean and results that last longer. One thing our customers really appreciate is that we can seal the grout once is clean. Sealer creates a barrier between the grout and the moisture it is exposed to, reducing the problems of water absorption. This seal wont last forever, but a little care and attention once a week should keep your grout looking fresh for much longer

Our grout cleaning service is offered not only for bathrooms, but for tiled floors and walls in the rest of the home too. If you have tiles in the kitchen and the grouting has become discolored from general use we can breathe new life into it and leave you with a kitchen you’ll be proud of.

If you’re not sure what effect tile & grout cleaning will have on your home, or perhaps you’re not sure what type of cleaning you need, why not get in touch with the team at Cleaning Bros? We offer a free test demonstration service; we’ll clean a small area of grouting so you can see for yourself the difference it makes.

Of course we often combine our great cleaning services with other kinds manmade and and natural stone tile cleaning services. Once you see your freshly restored grouting alongside the older, discoloured pieces you’ll be convinced of the difference a professional can make… and you won’t have had to spend hours scrubbing the floor!

If you think you could benefit from our tile and grout cleaning service then have a chat with the friendly team at Cleaning Bros today. We’ll arrange a demonstration at a time that suits and have your grouting looking fantastic in no time.

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