Don’t let your carpet, upholstery and home cleaning slip this spring

Spring is here, we’re comfortably in the new year and what a wonderful one it is turning out to be. With winter behind us and daily life back in full swing it’s all too easy to let slip those resolutions we make to keep our home cleaner and tidier than last year. We’ve all got stuff we’d rather be getting on with, but the more it builds up the bigger the job will be when the time finally comes. Our carpet and upholstery cleaning services aim to take the burden off your hands, but if you fancy some top tips in the meantime why not take a look over our tips for a truly clean home,

  • Sort out the shelving: Storage areas like shelves can be magnets for unseen dust. When this dust is disturbed it gets everywhere, into your clothes, carpets and your poor lungs. It’s easy to forget to regularly dust shelving, but it’s even easier to forget to clean what’s on the shelf! Take all the books, ornaments and everything else off and give them a good wipe down, otherwise that dust will be back within minutes.
  • Move the big stuff: Whilst it can sometimes be tempting to whip around the furniture and appliances, you’ll save yourself more time in the long run if you get your sleeves rolled up and pull that sofa away from the wall. You may be surprised at how much fluff, hair and other nasties are hiding away under the sofa… and what about the washing machine, the armchair, the cabinet and the rest? By tackling the challenging areas you’ll ensure your carpet and upholstery stays clean for longer.
  • Tackle the annoyances: Have you got stains and marks on your fabric and upholstery that have sat there for months, even years? They’re there, looking at you, nagging, but too difficult to really tackle. Don’t just put up with it, get it sorted, you’ll be much happier to come home to pristine carpet and fabrics every day.
  • Get protected: If you’re not able to clean, or work with a professional cleaner, as regularly as you’d like, why not think about getting some form of stain prevention treatment applied to your carpet and upholstery? Whilst there’s no substitute for regular cleaning, a good stain prevention solution will ensure that your home stays looking fresh for longer. No solution is perfect, but scotchguard and the like will help keep stains out for longer, earning you more value for money and a cleaner, happier home.

If this all sounds like a bit much then maybe it’s time to face up to the fact that a professional carpet cleaner could be the answer. Our services are efficient, cost effective and, most importantly, leave your home looking wonderful. For allergy free, fresh, pristine carpets and upholstery that last longer, look no further than Cleaning Bros. Call us for a friendly chat about how we can help keep your home looking lovely.

You can learn more about our carpet cleaning services here.

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