Spring cleaning is a time old tradition, and while it covers everything from clearing away cobwebs to repainting cupboards, carpets are and often overlooked part of any home

There are a number of theories as to why spring cleaning is a tradition, but we think it’s a bit more useful to focus on the modern day, real world benefits that this tradition brings to any household. The winter is generally speaking, not great for cleanliness and hygiene.

Cold, dark, damp days bring all kinds of dirt and allow mould and other pathogens to establish a firm grip. This is especially true of carpets which cling to dirt brought in on boots, bodies and pets. The lower levels of light, and corresponding lower levels of energy that many of us experience, often mean we don’t fully face up to the consequences of a lax cleaning regimen.

While you should certainly consider every aspect of your home when plotting your seasonal attack on dirt and dust, we strongly advise you don’t forget what you’re standing on.

Carpets tend to act as a large scale air filter all through the winter, trapping mud that gets trodden into the depths of the pile. Carpets can also collect moisture which enables microbes to reproduce.

If you are going to get your carpets cleaned once a year (which you probably should, depending on your use) then spring offers the perfect excuse. Don’t let the impact of your spring cleaning be spoiled by stale carpets. Call in a pro and keep your home fresh as can be.

Finally the days are starting to get longer. It’s no longer dark at 4pm so let’s start warming up and enjoying brighter days! With all this exciting new day light illuminating the world it’s not going to be as easy to ignore the cobwebs and dust that build up around the house. That’s why so many people choose spring as the ideal time to give their whole home a once over. In fact, references to ‘the clean of the spring’ or what we now know as ‘spring cleaning’ were found in some of the earliest cave paintings. It’s a time honoured tradition, and for good reason!

The thing is, it can be all too easy to miss bits and pieces after a long winter of hibernation. Winters in the U.K. aren’t always the most fun time of year that’s for sure. The wet, dirt and mud seems to get everywhere, all over our boots and trodden into and around the home. In the darkness of winter it’s not always easy to spot and it can really build up, especially when many of us don’t have time to do a proper clean each week. It’s not only dirt though, illnesses go up in the winter too and they’ve almost certainly been brought into your home. Unless you’re the type of person who burns all your fabrics after an illness (and who can afford that these days) these virus and bacteria and probably still sitting dormant, cosy in the fibres of your carpet.

If you are looking to achieve a deeper clean, for a healthier home, consider one of our comprehensive carpet care packages. We use powerful equipment to safely remove more dirt, followed by a number of protection options that help boost health and cleanliness. For further information about our services and friendly advice, give our team a call today.

You can learn more about our carpet cleaning services here.

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